Fine-Art School Portraits


A better school picture day

What are Fine-Art School Portraits?

Fine-Art School Portraits are my school photography style. I focus on capturing natural smiles without artificial backgrounds. My approach is centered on simplicity and timelessness. By using studio lighting, I aim to illuminate each child's unique expression. Connecting with children is vital to me as I strive to capture their authentic personalities. Unlike large corporations that adopt a mass-production method resulting in cringeworthy photos, my aim is to create cherished keepsakes for families that will be treasured for generations to come, all while ensuring a seamless process for the school.

What services do you offer?

Each child will be photographed in multiple poses, presented in both color and black and white. The family may choose the photos they want to be printed (as opposed to having a pose chosen for them). I also provide product choices such as small and large format prints, specialty items, and digital images for future printing and archiving.

Other services include:

  • All family communications leading up to and after picture day, letting them know what to expect, how to order their photos, and how to reach me if they have other questions or concerns.
  • Photo print/product packages can be shipped directly to families' homes with easy online ordering.
  • I provide all high-resolution digital files in the proper formats to use for yearbooks, websites, school advertising, school ID’s, or however the school wishes.
  • Staff, class photos, yearbook creation, and other services are also available depending on the school’s needs.

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